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The Agura Waterfalls
The Agura waterfalls are one of the most famous tourist attractions in Sochi. Located just outside the city, these majestic waterfalls that cascade from a height of 30 m/98 feet are a popular stop off along this popular hiking trail in the area along the Agura Valley. The term “Agura” means river or stream in Ubykhian. At the Eagle’s Rocks hikers can enjoy the view of the crystal clear waterfalls crashing down to the oval pool below and enjoy the panoramic views over the city and Black Sea below or do Via-ferrata.


The Dolphinarium (also known as the aquatheater) is a popular tourist attraction for families visiting Sochi. The Dolphinarium’s daily performances featuring aquatic life such as dolphins, white whales, killer whales, sea lion and seals is a favorite with both young and old.


Matsesta Spa
Matsesta, meaning “fiery water”, has harnessed the powers of the hot sulphur springs that have become synonymous with Sochi and become the city’s most renowned health spa. The water contains over 27 types of minerals and is used to treat people with respiratory and cardiac problems. Featuring a number of bathing rooms, massage tables and inhalation cubicles, Matsesta Spa is a major tourist attraction and the most popular place for treatment.


The Tea Cottages in Uch-Dere village. Here Russian tea is grown on the most northern plantations in the world. From the cottage terraces one can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view over the Black Sea while sipping pungent and flavored tea brewed in smoking samovars and tasting appetizing pies, blinys and jam - all to the soothing sound of Russian traditional songs. No wonder Russian Ex President Vladimir Putin and German Ex Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder often drop in on this place!

The Greater Akhun Mountain (highest point in Sochi - 663m/1950ft above sea level) is located not far from the ruins of ancient Byzantine church. Next to it in 1935 a 30-metre-high Watch Tower was built out of local limestone by architect Sergey Vorobijov for 180 days.
From the Watch Tower one can enjoy the magnificent panorama of the Main Caucasian Mountain Range with snow-covered tops and greenery slopes and the Agura River. A 2.5 km long tourist path leads to the famous Agura waterfalls.

Krasnaya Polyana (Red Meadow/Valley), one of the premier tourist attractions in Sochi, is located 70 km/ 43 mi away from Sochi center. Krasnaya Polyana is one of the most popular skiing destinations, not only in Russia or Europe but throughout the world. It’s also a popular place for trekking and hiking. Some of the XXII Winter Olympic Games venues will be located here.

The Trout Farm
On the way to Krasnaya Polyana one can stop by the largest Trout farm in Russia. From here various types of rainbow trout and caviar are sent all over the country. One can buy live trout directly from the pools, or even fish your own, with guaranteed success.

Dendrary Botanical Garden (Dendrarium) is the largest subtropical park in Russia. It is a must visit when you are out for sightseeing in Sochi. “Dendrarium” was founded at the end of 19th century by a famous Russian journalist Sergei Khudekov. Dendrarium is original from a Greek word “Dendron - Tree”, and means “Collection of Trees”. The botanical garden houses a large collection of flora which spreads over 30 acres of land and is a natural vista.

Sochi Art Museum
Built in 1936, the Sochi Art Museum is a work of art to look at. The classical architecture lends the relatively small museum a grand and ornate look. The museum's works tell stories of Sochi’s history, such as the picture ‘Italy’ by Isaac Brodsky which is connected to the history of the health resorts. The works are constantly changing to display the art of some of Russia’s greats as well as local artists.


Stalin’s Dacha (Summer Cottage), founded in 1937, is located between the Agura Canyon and Matsesta valley in the center of Green Grove Sanatorium. In 30’s and 40’s of the XX century Stalin’s Dacha was the summer vacation place of Soviet leaders.